Billy Elliot

Sound-specific notation:– — >>>> pause lengths
* >>>> asterisks define emphatic breaths, except for the dynamite
~ ~ >>>> tildes represent communal audience feeling
Bold >>>> TweakUnique’s exclamations
Italics >>>> TweakUnique’s wavering thoughts
*—–[====] >>>> dynamite, next line, boom your voice
slay-uh-mm >>>> pronounce sounds phonetically

After a Billy Elliiot Play

November 21st, 2019 had my eyes leaking open crying
~giggles-bump in~ interrupted ~all emotion~ Overwhelmin’
my tear-filled ducts would pump an ocean
Faucet drops APPLAUSE ~Hand motion~
Slay-uh-mm dunnk🏀WAH-oh! Hole in 1!🏌️‍♀️⛳
CRACK! Grand slam!🏏 Wham! Another home run!⚾
Colorful dances.
Exquisite songs!
At age eleven I could ‘uh tried ballet but feared my peers might think me gay. This middle-school fool never ever fit in thinking evenly out but oddly within.
I untangled out my self-expression born from lessons torn from tensions. Piles of rhymes trickled river-like rhythm bending yet mending my inner cynicism.
Billy’s joy inspired me; I admire him entirely. His dances struck ‘n tired me. His pomp pumped breath outside ‘uh me.
Feats of fire blaze through fear striking light through cloudy air. He spun, he sprang, he spiraled free floating void of gravity.
A net of workers lit the way elevating Billy up to day — Holding hands breach endeavors braving cold ‘n dismal weather pick-ax mine or leave together. Union: strike! Don’t scab ‘er sever.
Coal for you, coal for me cheap ‘n dirty energy. Dynamite there match light it here
Certain teeth bite self-proposition with venom injected from callous derision;
no one can tell you what to do so they’ll try ‘n hurt ‘n insult you.
Your mother’s hug let you go her echoing whispers wish you “Grow”
And now she’s so so proud of you.
You reached so far, so your wingspan grew.
You ran – took off – lift up – you flew
you rose starward like helicopters do.