Brrra Bra

Low decibel symbols collect ‘n connect my visuals. The bass drum pump-thumps heavenly audio rituals. I feel my pulse throb in tune with the music. I don’t fear I’m lost ‘cuz I already loozed it. Lousy pouty pitty perfect pompous pleasing slutty servant. Select me. Put me at ease; drop your panties. Now on your […]

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Actively abhor foul representation who affably ignore th’ proselytization promoting prospective unconscious humanity blaming archangels ‘n claiming insanity on innocents crying false-laden promises entangled in nooses measuring girth’s snobbishness sapping sweet syrups imposing camaraderie brandishing weapons n’ governing lotteries Prick ‘n POP your safety bubble stop tick-tock clocks switch minute trouble refract tall topics ya […]

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