Hocus Pocus


How scary looking at your face when
all I wanna do is lick your inner place
Exhaust breathy sighs
So I Exhale “Oh-why?”
As if it’s offuh this page of my sagely thoughts
where dreaming lovely rhythm wraps twizzled tangled knots.

I’d brush your every angle. I’d massage your achey neck
whispering sweet somethings rubbing oils down your back.
Empowering attraction from your tractor beam.
“Write with focus.” – “Hold on.”
Your nature is screaming.
Breath. Blaoww, wow.
Huh? Well shit.
Well played domino, certainly exquisite.
I love you: in verse.
I love you, Universe.
The thought of your touch holds my mental focus
which means you got me beleivin’ in: Hocus Pocus.

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