In order to extend and deliver these lengthy ideas; I do so with Scotch instead of tequila. What is music? What have you heard since birthing yourself in this herd? Is it distinction? Recognition? Maybe Pattern — Recognition? The spectrum of audial communication has been paramount in our collection of this global exploration called humanity. […]

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Mother’s Chili

Nothing to me – is so lovely as a bowl of chili my mother made me. But now I feel sorry and filled with doubt; wondering wistful – what I’m about? Studying history Buddism; pain. Farming meat and suffering. I’m sorry Mom, I miss your food; but as a man now, I must choose. Compassion […]

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Like it Matters

Lyin’ ‘n bed I cannot sleep; excited for tomorrow’s things; prob-lee had too much caffeine; or drank it too late I think. This post might get little sight; too few eyes so late at night. Like it matters.

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Soaring clouds bolt of lightning hurricane thunder frightening. Enlighten me pleasantly; forward move me presently. Pretend you care and dare like me. Thunder frightening bolt of lightning.

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From once the youngest Guthrie boy to the now youngest Guthrie boy, someday you may be an uncle too; an uncle Charlie and ¿nephew Andrew? In the future in a few years to those once students …now the teachers; show us better make us greater meld our music rhyme it later – reconnect ideas ‘n […]

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How do You Lose?

How do you do? How do you don’t? I want to see how you lose to watch how you fail no gasoline left no wind in your sail. Let’s see how you choose between tempt ‘n contempt Let’s see how you bruise ‘n if you get bent; let’s see how ya climb rattle or roll […]

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