Made by You

In the final 40 minutes of The Theory of Everything, the movie about Steven Hawking’s life and achievements, I paused it 7 times in moments of inspiration to write 7 poems. I’ve decided not to edit any of these (spelling errors amok). As a relevant aside, in my high school philosophy class, I asserted that the concept of choice was nothing more than an illusion; 15 years later (a couple years ago) when I studied Hawking’s principle on black hole radiation and the mutability of the universe, it changed my mind. This is poem 5:

As we break in
in these theses
we envision
onto branded propositions
we keep on asking questions
Grandiose held theories
crunchin number berries
fruitful new inclusions
nutty substitions

discrete mathematics
formulas and habits
territorial inhabitants
sipping something suculant

a puzzle
a place
a palindrome in space

Time and make believe
agree to disagree.
If my boldly laid perception
causes perspiration
mirroring vexation
made by you.

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