Turn Down for What?

In the final 40 minutes of The Theory of Everything, the movie about Steven Hawking’s life and achievements, I paused it 7 times in moments of inspiration to write 7 poems. I’ve decided not to edit any of these (spelling errors amok). As a relevant aside, in my high school philosophy class, I asserted that the concept of choice was nothing more than an illusion; 15 years later (a couple years ago) when I studied Hawking’s principle on black hole radiation and the mutability of the universe, it changed my mind. This is poem 2:

Strong by choice
truth in voice

But what Sacrifice did I make?
No knowledge of my mistake
when blinded by self-righteousness
who is burning to feed by my bliss?

Maybe no one
How could I know?
as I grow past
my fiery past

On a throne alone
I shall outlast
the weak and feeble minded
who my honesty ripple grinded
in bad grammer all torn up
crank the dial
turn down for what?

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