The Pianist

Inspired by Władysław Szpilman and Nazis If you find compassion a distraction then you’re the force of darkness in action. Inaction is an action of the coward’s dilemma whose life is a diorama of frozen fears – complacent tears crackin’ bears for forgetting years. If crying makes me a pussy, I say I’m glad to […]

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I treat my objects like they are women I love: with care, concentration, admiration, and hugs. People wonder if life after death exists but never second guess life before birth existed. So what’s the difference? That of people and things? Or better yet listen to technology sing: It Smells Like Teen Spirit is really a […]

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Topsy Turvy Comfort Easy

If the pen is mightier than the sword; I say the camera’s got the gun.* Listen in rhythm in rhyming lips making chaos outta fun.* To reproduce asexually with the artist in the sun. *Look into your self and see potentially: someone; as you focus in tuning out along a wider line *realize this path […]

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