Topsy Turvy Comfort Easy

If the pen is mightier than the sword;
I say the camera’s got the gun.*
Listen in rhythm in rhyming lips
making chaos outta fun.*
To reproduce asexually
with the artist in the sun.
*Look into your self and see
potentially: someone;
as you focus in tuning out
along a wider line
*realize this path no doubt
climbs into a climb

*your ego’s but a part
of a planetary part
*A cell in a body,
*a nerve inna notion
traveling celestial internal oceans
touching humanity
helping whole handedly
spinning tables * recording labels *
follow in your self-made fables
dreaming less and being more*
dancing every boring chore*
quaking baking raking sleeving
inching sifting puffing pleasing
tippy tappy twisty flossing
prancing dancy
tickle me teasy wee
snuggle me giggle hee
laugh with me lovingly
topsy turvy comfort easy.


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