Freckles Guthrie

I used to sing to Freckles when he was a ‘lil pup, I’d hum ‘n hold ‘n hug ‘n often whisper, “yo bud, what’s up?” He was mortified of thunder and any loud PA-PoPs! Like men shooting clays at Weeburn country club. He ran to get the paper, of which he was so eager, he’d […]

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Fozoh’s Focus

With Fozoh’s focus I could construct creations: and so we have. We’ll leap mountains tasting fountains of youth and so we laugh. We’ll dive oceans through¬†volcanoes mixing wisdom with joy. And so we bath. We’ll check out the earth mantle and core mushroom and spore connecting reason heavens of havens we have grown tall inspecting […]

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I’m a slug in need of exercise, a bowl of jelly overflowing: jello with no flow. Hello, high, this beat’s dropped in a soupy mess of soylent green I’m thinking random crap splat spots. I ate too many chips between sips of sangria, too much salsa between slurps of sangria. This is garbage, and the […]

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Apocalypse Now

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.¬†-George Santayana The horror. The horror. “I love the smell of napalm in the morning” Mourning. Rhymes are happy in a musical beat when off cadence in dissidence can’t complete a phrase of thoughts dead in the water – a fight up a river […]

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Rolling with Rowling

I too was abused by cruel climbing men whose predatory stance I understand as a man like them swathed by dominance and hate that no ordinance will ever successfully abate. So long I was celibate, but not by choice – I recall laughter within the doctor’s voice: Her: Are you currently choosing to be sexually […]

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Black Lives Matter: Empathy

Race doesn’t matter? Oh please, yeah right… See the blood splatter. Turn on a light. Closed eyes in darkness are spreading a blight. Holster, and harness some love in your sight. Share this privilege. It’s a blank slate, We’ll build a bridge surrounded by hate. Maybe improbable, it’s not too late. It’s not unstoppable, this […]

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Quitting Facebook

It’s been a long time since I wrote something for others in the public domain that didn’t rhyme an average of three times every line. Maybe the flow is just so natural at this point that it comes out of me like waves compressed by my thoughts. Who knows? I certainly don’t. My life feels […]

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We Are Legend

An idea is a virus concepted incepted oft false corrected concluded in inclusion of intrusions, solutions, assumptions, and disillusions. Construct connexxions electric inventions. I wrote this during the credits of I Am Legend

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