Chili-step Moovin’

Instrumental from Grown Up by Danny Brown When you concern yourself in something you are a person whose interesting* Thank you for your true – Dedication.* It warms me like magical Incantations. Scrolls and wands fly above my senses []* Down and beat we’re like drums in tension* If you hold me you’ll gain – […]

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Cinnamon in it

Higher Grounds’s remedy spices in complexity in Moodus muddy coffee drips powdered grounded flavor sticks wavers wafting within scents it gives sending something sensitive. Amen. Like a stint with flint ‘n tinder sparking glints into cinders minute minutes – silly whims Nimbly knit synonyms. You may be chill or some harsh critic smell that straw […]

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Simple Rules

Give me Letters Give me words Give me feeling you observe. Swirly girly curly burly friendly healing wake me early  hold me dearly call me deer we walk together on the beach with crunchy sand ‘neath our feet Easy on me Nicotine make me look so thin ‘n sheen Bright make up and smoke feyd […]

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Warp Zone

Good ol’ Yoshi offered a ride, dinosaurs pack that primitive pride. — March 21st 1988 a spring thirsty for love and discovery. If snails could fly I’d wal-ch them breath in and out dimensional weave. Perhaps the writer with a gift is the lemming at the cliff led astray in the drift dust ashtray poofy […]

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Lighting connecting electrozap striking ⚡ through clouds of hellfire splitting the heavens smashing his shielding – reflecting – – revealing: a grounded connection: all motors, no engine from T to Q like TWK UNQ knew touching the throttle plates passed paved pavements we caught lighting in a bottle, listen close on my statements.

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The Seven Blanks

The Seven Dwarfs Happy Grumpy Dopey Bashful Sneezy Sleepy Doc We dig dig dig dig dig dig dig in our mine the whole day through To dig dig dig dig dig dig dig is what we really like to do It ain’t no trick to get rich quick If you dig dig dig with a […]

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Weary hazy morning daze… stretching yawning restful space chirping 🐦 birdy relaxed grace wakeful repairs; crispy days. Calm before another storm dewey droplets coat the norm, all water makes new life a form of friendship. Artful airy intake yawn: desert your arid awful thoughts. Breathe deep now focus in your eye: inner winner seldom cry […]

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