Warp Zone

Good ol’ Yoshi offered a ride,
dinosaurs pack that primitive pride.

March 21st 1988
a spring thirsty for love and discovery.
If snails could fly I’d wal-ch them breath
in and out dimensional weave.
Perhaps the writer with a gift
is the lemming at the cliff
led astray in the drift
dust ashtray poofy slip
who knows how we begin?
Answers blowin’ in the wind
Your choice o’ listen
er smooth relaxin:
Sonic, Pac Man, Donkey Kong
If half a life were this long
Then Tails could spin me inna hip drop
like Bowser out a cannon shot
though Mario smashed sign-sealedealedelivered
Bowser’s big butt on a skewer shakin’ n quiverin’ arrowin’ Link lighting paths givin’ potions a drink.

Stay strong Zelda. I fight for you. Every night I die for you. I try again with new saved thoughts puzzling lessons theories taught, if only you might still be there somewhere way out in eth-air.

I feel you smile in reflections inner sight in our connections. Stay warm, stay safe, create a space to see the truth.

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