I am Dead

I am dead. I am dying. I am dust filling space. I’m a memory long forgotten now gone without a trace. I am dead. I am rotten. I am smoldering fire. I am ashes rising spirits pluming flame upon a pyre. I am dead. Momentary. The person who wrote this no longer exists. Time has […]

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I am White. I am Black. A Nazi, also Ghandi. I am happy when I’m sad. But sappy when I’m angry. I’m hippy as I’m stern. Educated, though unlearned: sporadically a spore addict cloudy space-dust lightning creaking faded in the attic. I’m a ghost in many shells, Viewing what my shelling’s done. Purposes united by […]

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Gravitate Simplicity

I am me In fin it tee Where black holes meet How my eyes see Dimensionless reality perception focus; misalignment two halves joined in symmetry closer to truth; you should try it Gravitate simplicity.

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