Drink 4

The Gabby Abbys are gone!I ordered fries with a beerand then someMy situation is undoubtedly unique…Can I bring people from their outlooks’ bleak?Perchance.Mayhaps.It may be a feat…Possible feeling on improbabilityIt-is-no impossibilitynotta low goalsome-lobbable-tossababilitythough not what I forgot as if something’s not forgettable? How’s your memory, is it leaking yet?Don’t worry about this line if it’s […]

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Drink 3

There are gabby ladies like clucking chickens enjoying a fantasy with no male distraction though they distract me with the shrill and far shriller conniving ideas: every sentence the thriller, competitive conversations of gabby Nancys — annoy me some more as you keep glancing at the guy writing on the pad: what could be so […]

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Drink 2

I’m feeling salty, spicy, pepper, lime, vodka, tomato, worcestershire, and horseradish. This Mary just got bloody *sip* savor, taste the flavor, no straw here — Ice Ice baby, I make these better, maybe it’s the Titos maybe something other, I can’t put my finger on it, although I just did, printed in red on the […]

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Drunken Rambling at the Bar, Drink 1

How might a collision within a division of fusion or fission knock knock intuition? Maybe I’m feelin’ it dependent despondent on foreign correspondence who might make a dent on our human condition. But ideally removes them rampant to mayhem… “Order! Order! I demand it! Follow my rule or I’ll repremand wit!” “Snarky remarks — little […]

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