Robotic Fan Clones

Keys on digits till fingers rigid broken bent crooked stiffmind to grind ear to slime beer to grime weed to lineanotha one anatha won don’t repeat your obv dumbut if you can’t parse out what comes so sparse outthen sir your mister is master and you must musteran army of arms like robotic fan clones

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This story I shall write tonightWill be 40 lines and just rightNumber 3 starts here, you see?Dumby honey-gumpy bumble beeLike myself amid 6 peerscrack’n joints ‘n splittin’ beersraise a glass, tap plink-clink cheers!memories ease like sensible smellsto capture happiness: writing helpswhat you say and how you say itcreates a story as you make itdeveloping: mistakes […]


Contrast Catharsis

The pimple is poppedThe booger is goneyou’re free to breathand sing your song You pulled the trigger…such throw up and sloplighter now, crispersip water out the cup When things stay downand pain’s been abatedenjoy a moment’s peacewith clarity elatedby the contrast ofprevious restrictions:callous scabsand skin conditions Rest and sleepwakeful deeds

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