For this moment let’s feel good. Give some gratitude whether or not you should. Look at sunlight reflect today, or a light bulb that guides your way. Wonder in wandering appreciation, scientific depth or fascile fascination. Little darling, it seems like years since we been here – here comes the sun, doo doo doo doo. […]

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Mimicking Moths

What could be if bees might leavetaste honey believe, conceive The pod of fruits which we might sampleastutely measured grants us ample Volumes of basis in experimentationmushrooming clouds it: sporadic exploration A page of my focus unsheathed S wordsIt’s Hocus Pocus meter step: backwards Silly seekers see serotonin like languid leering lickingSloths sipping sappy simple […]

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Compilation 1

Hi, I’m AndrewBut I go byTweakUniqueI loooove spreading smiles from cheek to cheekDaylight moves us as morning passesWe all get up off to our tasks witha new tomorrow dividing our timeimagine, would you? Less sorrow this time?That’s my dream and waking habittake the steps and then we’ll have itplace your bets, step with sciencedevelop plans […]

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