The 4 Houses

In my experience, Irish are friendly and accommodating. Like Helga Hufflepuff would shy from shaming, as opposed to Salazar Slytherin adding a little English to the spin, set on due course and always to win whereas a bold-faced Godric Griffindor would head in foolish, or take up arms like brutish Scottish. And that left Rowena […]

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Bee Buzz Sharing honeybreeds dependencewild ideasneed acceptance It isn’t the faultof our nectar laid friendsthough ‘fault’ and blameyield miserable ends Emotional resonanceis the lazy thinker’s pathdoubt and dissidenceyield discovery at last Whether you’re wild or honeya child without moneyan influence of confluencein a hive mind, something funny I’m a combination of buzz ‘n lustarisen from ashes, […]

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War Business

The second half of Fiddler On the Roof affected me less than the first on an emotional level. Every part of my being was bothered, but wanted to complete the movie. The movie is really good cinematically, but it became reflective of daunting societal issues that will persist with humanity. Fight or flight? That question […]

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It’s Tradition

I’m currently watching Fiddler On the Roof and am paused at the wedding scene. So far I learned everyone in pre-revolutionary Russia had haircuts which wouldn’t be popular until the early 1970’s. 1 hour 46 minutes into this 3 hour 1 minute production has many upset outcries over a man dancing with a woman, which […]

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