To Vicky

Today is the day, it’s a day for two, half for my brother, and half for you. In the battle of the sexes, We often fight and fear loss. When we’re caught up in whose right. We’re also caught up in chaos. But occasionally you find two halves of a whole. Were seeing the combination […]

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The worst time is when I go to sleep. I close my eyes and try to keep heated. And every second that I lie to myself is another second I feel utterly defeated.

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I’m tired of crying, but I can’t fall asleep. My loved ones resent me somewhere deep. These tears keep dropping, but they suddenly stopped. My heart’s bled dry, and my bubble’s popped. I’m home now and surrounded by smiles… and I’ll just have to fake one for another while. I yearn for love that I […]

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The Dope

Too much affection causes real problems. There are too many people I want to hold. And I want to reach out to calmly touch them. But my hand strikes them as evil and bold. I’m tired of people expecting to own each other. And I am struck by the nonsense brooded in hate. You’re solitude […]

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I sit upon the golden throne of honesty surrounded by liars and knaves. But here I am alone, no one next to me… all I see are fires and graves. Where would I be without the pen to grieve with? I’m so worn out I can hardly believe it. Evil wanders freely masquerading as your […]

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Imagine it. Just take a pause. A world without rules. A life without laws. Pleasure could be sought for pleasure’s sake. People, animals, and spirits partake. And it’s perfect, it’s ideal. But sadly, it isn’t real. There is much more complexity in the universe than we can imagine we can imagine. Every moment everywhere everyone […]

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Wednesday seemed like forever yesterday, but we’re already half way there. Otherwise I’m hopeless and helpless, don’t leave me to despair! Somehow I always forget the importance of someone’s care. So, please, help make my loneliness something somewhat rare.

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Batsirai Swiswa

Batsirai is a man whose wit is as sharp as a knife. He can clear a field of code like the sweeping of a scythe. This man made himself, an architect so inclined. And he constructs web apps as a mastermind. I’m humbled by his actions, and grateful for his presence. His explanations are mental […]

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Good health

Keep cool and stay calm. This poem’s a breath from your palm. Listen to it when you read it, lather, rinse, and repeat it. Keep up and up with your health so you may enjoy yourself.

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Digital Signage Art

The poetry you just displayed had me stunned,And I realize what you do is purity,You crunched data like a candy bar…But what I tasted was naught but beauty. Tapping on my phone might paint your canvas. And I’m shaking as I’m writing this.My heart’s been touched my brain blossomed..A vision of your vision was bliss. […]

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