Mother of Rae

italics = performance notes

My husband’s ten times clever as he is handsome.

As for me?
Oh don’t worry.
I’m only Vicky;
–pretend sheepishness–
…no way silly!

That’s a stretch of cataclysm!
Simple smelted cynicism.
I gotta lotta tools ‘n I ain’t afraid to use ’em.
Clap your hands ‘n stomp your feet
cuz We Will Rock You is the beat!
–stand up, do the stomp-stomp-clap for rest of poem–
How ’bout you:
clap with me?
Sit a pretty minute;
ratchet up the heat.

Listen now ‘n
listen close:
this poem ain’t crass
nor verbose.
I’m equally practiced as I’m read.
I’m determined to move ahead.

I am woman.
I am mom.
I’m the vision
of this song.
–stop stomp clapping–
What have you got, Tomorrow?

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